1. DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)
  2. Amphetamines
  3. How Diet Pills Work
  4. The Ingredients list of very popular diet pill on the market.
  5. Pills That Limit The Amount Of Dietary Fat Your Body Can Absorb.

DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

For years now, prescription and nonprescription weight-loss drugs have been in the news because of dangerous side effects. Many people have been concerned that diet pills simply aren’t safe

Despite the myriad menu of FDA (Food And Drug Administration) approved medications for weight loss, they’ve only been prescribed for about 150 obese patients.

One of the reasons anti-obesity drugs are so highly stigmatized is that historically they’ve been anything but magical and the bullets have been blanks or worse.

Most weight-loss drugs up to date were initially approved as safe and have since been pulled from the market for unforeseen side effects that turned them into a public threat.

1. DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

As you may remember, it all started with DNP (DNP stands for a 2,4-Dinitrophenol) a pesticide that promised to safely melt away fat mud instead melted away people’s eyesight.

DNP is an industrial chemical that is often used as a disinfectant and insecticide. it can be used for various things most commonly inside humans is unlawfully the setting of weight loss, and the question is why is it unlawful when you have medical publications from the 1930s speaking in such high praise of it, what could possibly go wrong?

DNP is a yellow crystalline solid that is often sold illegally, typically through online forums in the form of powder tablets or capsules. And it’s proven to be very popular for its powerful fat-burning effects specifically with bodybuilders looking to reduce their body fat percentage and better define specific muscle groups.

It’s also used by people outside the bodybuilding community to lose a bit of weight relatively quickly though its use obviously comes with significant adverse effects.

Recently published by FDA, reported that there are currently over 100 websites that sell the stuff directly to a lot of customers.

I urge anyone who is considering using DNP that it could very well kill you and if it doesn’t kill you could leave you with a permanent disability.

a. History Of Dinitrophenol


During the First World War, the French utilized DNP in the manufacturing of explosives. It’s been used as a dye, wood preserver, pesticide, and photographic developer since then. DNP was discovered to cause significant weight loss in humans.

It was Maurice Tainter at Stanford University in 1933 who discovered that the human consumption of DNP led to significant weight loss and soon it was popularised as a weight-loss drug. It was included in over-the-counter medications and was sold to the public without requiring a prescription.

Reports of rapid, safe weight loss encouraged its use for those looking to lose weight.

DNP has been shown to significantly increase the basal metabolic rate. This causes weight loss by increasing fat and carbohydrate burning, and weight loss of up to 1.5 kg per week has been reported with no significant side effects.

After 1938, medical prescriptions for DNP were discontinued, and cases of poisoning due to medical intake were no longer reported, but case reports of deaths associated with DNP ingestion continued to emerge.

It was prescribed to the Russian soldiers during the Second World War to keep them warm.

In 2003, the UK Food Standards Agency issued a warning, declaring DNP “unfit for human consumption.” Following the hospitalization of a Finish bodybuilder after taking DNP, this warning was issued expressly for bodybuilders to avoid its use due to the considerable risk for short- and long-term danger.

So from 1933 to 1938, DNP was freely sold over the counter to hundreds of 1000s of customers looking to slim down, but the FDA eventually intervened in 1938, when it became clear that DNP was just the toxic having caused several dozen deaths, and according to statistics, it caused, 2500 cases of blindness due to cataract by 1935.

b. What Are The Effects Of DNP?

DNP increases metabolism, which is dangerous in and of itself.

Each person’s metabolism differs and works quickly for a reason, and that reason is that they are safe. Changing your body causes you to do things that you should not do.

DNP is considered to be highly toxic and exposure to the compound can lead to An increase in basal metabolic rate, Nausea and Vomiting, Headaches, Weight loss, Sweating, Dizziness.

Because DNP-containing products might induce acute toxicity, keep an eye out for the following symptoms: Sweating, high fever, High pulse, Muscle aches, hard to breathe.

In the later stages, it can cause Liver and kidney damage, Cramps, unconsciousness, Changes in heart rate.

It is suggested that you seek medical help if you experience any of these symptoms after a dose of DNP because it can be fatal. No antidote to manage national planning even exposed to the risk of death if you take this, in spite of intensive care treatment experts

2. Amphetamines


Currently, more than half a million Americans may be addicted to amphetamines like crystal meth. But the original amphetamine epidemic was generated by drug companies and doctors. By the 1960s drug companies were turning out about 80,000 kilos a year, which isn’t nearly enough for a weekly dose for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Billions of doses a year were prescribed for weight loss, weight loss clinic world raking in huge profits.

A dispensing diet doctor could buy 100,000 amphetamine tablets for less than $100 and turn around and sell them to patients for $12,000.

Amphetamine tablets were widely prescribed in the world before it was pulled for causing lung damage.

18 million Americans were very much ok with the drugs before it was pulled from the market for causing severe damage to the heart valves.  Many were pulled for heart attacks and strokes, psychiatric side effects including suicide, and the list goes on.

The amphetamine debacle resulted in some of the largest litigation payouts in the industry’s history. But it’s all baked into the formula.

If you read the Journal pharmacoeconomics, a new weight-loss drug may injure and kill so many that expected litigation cost could exceed $80 million by big pharma consultants estimate if successful, the drug could bring in over 100 million so do the math


Out of all the supplements out there, weight loss pills are one of the most controversial in terms of their safety. Several diet pills have been banned by the FDA in the past for having ingredients that were once considered safe, but now with new research are not, that’s why companies like Hydroxycut were forced to change their recipes.

Some diet pills have been shown to work by either raising your metabolism or inhibiting your body from absorbing all the calories you eat. Therefore, some diet pills can be slightly beneficial, but what’s less well known is the potential side effects and which ones are even effective.

3. How Diet Pills Work

There are two ways diet pills work.

The first is by raising your metabolism by containing thermogenic substances like caffeine.

The second way is they reduce the amount of dietary fat that your body can absorb which directly affects calorie intake and can lead to weight loss. An example of this would be a pill containing Orlistat, but this can be dangerous.



So the main ingredient in this and a lot of other diet pills is caffeine, which has been shown to have a minor effect on metabolic rate and a minor effect of reducing fatigue during strenuous exercise. However, higher doses of caffeine like 270 milligrams, that’s about three cups of coffee, studies show an increase in anxiety if you already have a genetic susceptibility to it, as well as an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone. People also report side effects of Jitters and Insomnia on higher doses of caffeine.


Chlorogenic acid is the second ingredient and commonly comes from green coffee bean extract. Now it is shown to have a minor effect on weight. However, it should be noted that the studies conducted where it’s somewhat industry influenced so things might be a little foggy green coffee bean extract is a hype supplement marketed as a fat burner. However, there is no strong evidence that it supports fat loss.


Coleus forskalaei is the next ingredient. Studies show that this drug has Minor effects but it still requires more evidence. But this one could be kind of promising. Maybe they don’t tell you how much of the active ingredient is actually in the extract. So you don’t really know you’re getting the next scam with zero effects on fat loss but this is actually in here for its effects on relaxation because a lot of these substances can actually induce stress and anxiety.


This ingredient has been known to give you a slight increase in alcohol dependence, anxiety, and cortisol the stress hormone notice a theme cocoa extract again zero evidence of weight loss.

So when the only three effective ingredients in this which are caffeine, coleus forskalaei, and yohimbine, two of them are under-dosed and two of them actually increase your anxiety and your stress hormone not to mention alcohol dependence.

5. Pills That Limit The Amount Of Dietary Fat Your Body Can Absorb.

These pills commonly contain orlistat which is a synthetic pharmaceutical drug.

Avoid buying premade pills because they’re often under-dosed, contain ineffective ingredients, and have cheap filler and plus, with the ingredients, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting, or how pure the extracts really are.

Here are five proven supplement options for fat loss.

First caffeine, take 100 to 200 milligrams twice a day. Only take 50 milligrams. If you’re new to stimulants. If you already get caffeine through coffee or tea, then there’s no need to supplement extra.

Next is white willow bark. This has been metabolized into salicylic acid which is a cousin of aspirin. Salicylic acid can improve stimulatory signaling, which can increase the effect of adrenaline for its best effect. It’s ideally used alongside caffeine supplementation. However, there are potential drug interactions with blood thinners. And it should not be used by people with stomach ulcers. So taking 90 milligrams of the active ingredients helps us in through 600 milligrams of white willow bark extract a day.

Next coleus forskohlii. Do not take this for longer than 12 weeks as the long-term effects haven’t been fully researched yet. However, it is safe for short term use to take 250 milligrams of forskohlii which is a coleus forskohlii that I abstract twice a day

Next yohimbine. It’s a powerful fat burner but it can not be used for long periods of time. Excessive doses can cause anxiety and panic attacks. So take 2.5 to 7.5 milligrams twice a day. Now all of these stimulants contribute to anxiety and stress but currently, these are the best options for fat loss supplements.

Taking L-theanine which has been shown to have notable effects on relaxation and can help calm the nervous system can be beneficial. So take 200 milligrams of L-theanine twice a day with your caffeine.

Now the last option we have is called five HTP and it works a little differently than the rest five.  HTP is an appetite suppressant, which tends to reduce food intake. As a result, it can be used as a fat loss supplement, take 150 to 250 milligrams twice a day with your meal.

Now, these are the proven supplements to contribute to fat loss. Taking these alone without an effective exercise or meal plan is not going to help you.



First criteria of an effective weight loss program. There must be strength training involved. Now, why do we need strength training in a weight loss program? Well, strength training will actually allow us to build a little bit of muscle which will increase our metabolism which will allow us to burn more calories while we sleep. And while you’re relaxing. However, just because a program has strength training does not mean it is necessarily the right stuff for you. When we’re talking about strength training, we want to choose exercises that burn the most calories.

So for example, if your program tells you to do a lateral raise, is that really an exercise that’s going to burn a lot of calories versus let’s say a thruster. Now that’s an exercise that’ll bring you a lot more calories when evaluating the program.

So make sure it has strength training, but also make sure that there’s proper exercise selection within that strength training. Taking a weight loss program that has strength training will also allow you to lose body fat while keeping your muscle.

Now the second super important criteria of an effective weight loss program are it must be sustainable. This is a key criteria. What good is working out every day if you’re just going to stop in two weeks. Instead, your program should only take up as much time as you can handle yourself.

Another huge mistake most people do is they do steady-state cardio on a treadmill. Now cardio is not all that bad. But a huge recommendation I would make is to pick cardio that you enjoy. So when people ask me what’s the best weight loss program for me? I often say make sure it has cardio in it that you enjoy.

Now the third criteria of an effective weight loss program is a must-have an effective meal plan. So what’s the best diet that you can stick to? If you’ve been on the internet for the last year, you’ll realize that there are a ton of different diets out there. And for me, it was really confusing. There’s keto intermittent fasting, the Paleo diet, low-fat diet, high-fat diet. It’s so confusing. There are multiple components of an effective meal plan and the first one is it must be sustainable for you long term which means that this meal plan would have an eating style that doesn’t revolve around deprivation.

An effective meal plan that allows you to lose weight is you must be in a calorie deficit. If you eat less calories than you burn, then you’re going to lose weight. However, this should not come at the expense of your livelihood.

Focus on strength training, these exercises are the exercises that get your heart rate up and burn the most calories while you’re in the gym as well. These exercises have been shown to build muscle all over your body. That way it’s going to raise the metabolic rate as much as possible so you can burn calories while you sleep.

Well, I found that the most effective way to lose weight is to actually follow a few simple tips and rules.

DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol)

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