Calibri Calibro, the leader of the BAS, was sentenced to three months in prison with a three-month suspension.

Calibri Calibro
Calibri Calibro

The French Justice System has given the leader of the Brigade Anti-Sardinard, BAS, a three-month suspended prison sentence for the movement’s ransacking of the Cameroonian Embassy in Paris in 2019.

The group allegedly stormed the embassy in protest of Maurice Kamto’s victory in the 2018 presidential elections, which they claim was stolen from him.

The Cameroonian Embassy in Paris has filed a lawsuit against the BAS leader for leading several raids into the embassy, disrupting work, and ransacking offices.

Abdulahi Thiyam alias Calibri Calibro and Robert Wanto received a three-month suspended prison sentence in a court ruling handed down yesterday in Paris.

Mr. Nelson Azonsop received a four-month suspended prison sentence. A fine of €127 is imposed on each of the three individuals, in addition to €4,500 in joint damages.

Despite the court verdicts, members of the BAS pressure group see it as a victory because the defendants were not sentenced to prison, as was the case.

Calibri Calibro and Robert Wanto

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