Cameroon: Gabriel Zabo replaces Alain Djeumfa as Head Coach of indomitable lionesses.

Cameroon: Gabriel Zabo

Following a decision by the Cameroon Football Federation, Fecafoot, to hire a new management staff for the country’s women’s national team, featuring former international lioness Gaelle Enganamouit as Team Manager, the football manager was named on Friday, June 18.

Gabriel Zabo succeeds Alain Djeumfa, who has been the indomitable lionesses’ head coach since January 2019, when the team was named as the team prepared to compete in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. As his tactical supervision began to bear no fruit, the former head coach’s competence was repeatedly questioned. Many football analysts had already called for his removal after the lionesses’ repeated failures, the most recent of which was their failure to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

El tactico, the newly appointed head coach, has more than ten years of experience in the Cameroon Elite championship.

Prior to his appointment , he was the coach of Melong’s Stade Renard, as well as Colombe Of Dja and Lobo, and Avion. After the women’s national team failed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games, which begin in August this year, Gabriel Zabo takes charge. The upcoming female Africa Cup of Nations, which will be held in Morocco, will be his first test.

Cameroon: Gabriel Zabo

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