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Stephan Cornish, the Director-General of Doctors Without Borders,  has praised the productive collaboration between his organization and the Cameroonian government in managing the Coronavirus pandemic thus far. He made the statement at the Protestant Hospital in Djoungolo yesterday, May 26, 2021, after visiting a Covid-19 treatment center that was fully equipped and managed by Doctors Without Borders.

MSF’s Director General, Stephan Cornish, accompanied by Christine Jamet, Director of Operations, and Dr Celin Nzambe, Director of the Protestant Hospital in Djoungolo, went over the well-designed platform MSF installed to receive Covid-19 patients from the gate to where they are treated and discharged upon recovery. Since the arrival of Covid-19 in Cameroon, Stephan Cornish told the press that they have been working hand-in-hand with the government to care for Covid-19 patients, from pre-screening to treatment and now vaccination. Stephan Cornish said it was critical to assess what had been put in place after touring the treatment center.

Doctors Without Borders

This is to ensure that MSF is ready for the new wave of the pandemic, which appears to be more transmissible and deadly than the first. He urged the public to respect the government’s and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) barrier measures in the fight against the virus. He also urged residents not to wait at home if they become ill, but to rush to the center and be treated without charge by the dedicated staff, which includes MSF and Djoungolo hospital personnel.

Jules Katembo, the Project Coordinator of Covid-19 at the Djoungolo MSF centre, told Cameroon Tribune that the facility has a capacity of 50-80 beds divided into four zones, A, B, C, and D. Zone A will house sick patients while they await the results of their Covid-19 tests. When a patient tests positive but has no major health issues, he or she is admitted to a hospital in either zone B or C. Patients who require oxygen are kept in zone D. Those who are critically ill, on the other hand, are transferred to other treatment facilities with a more advanced medical platform. According to Dr. Katembo, patients are not required to bring anything to the hospital. MSF provides bedding, toiletries, and food to those in need. Treatment is also free.

While responding to the new outbreak, they are working around the clock to maintain their regular, life-saving activities.

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