Does Verizon offer business discounts?

If you’re a business owner, you know that communication expenses can add up quickly. That’s why it’s important to find ways to save money on your communication services, without sacrificing quality or reliability. One option to consider is Verizon, a telecommunications company that offers a range of products and services to businesses of all sizes. In this blog post, we’ll explore whether Verizon offers business discounts, and if so, what kind of discounts are available.

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Does Verizon Offer Business Discounts?

Yes, Verizon does offer business discounts for their services. These discounts are designed to help businesses save money on their communication expenses, while still getting the reliable and advanced communication tools that they need.

What Kind of Business Discounts Does Verizon Offer?

Verizon offers a range of discounts for businesses, depending on the specific needs of the business. Some of the discounts that Verizon offers include:

1. Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are designed for businesses that require a large number of communication lines or services. The more services a business requires, the greater the discount they may receive.

2. Loyalty Discounts

Loyalty discounts are offered to businesses that have been with Verizon for a certain amount of time. The longer a business has been with Verizon, the greater the discount they may receive.

3. Bundling Discounts

Bundling discounts are offered to businesses that bundle multiple services together, such as business phone service, internet, and TV. By bundling services together, businesses can save money on their communication expenses.

4. Employee Discounts

Employee discounts are offered to businesses that have a large number of employees who use Verizon’s services. This can include discounts on phone plans, tablets, and other communication devices.

5. Military Discounts

Military discounts are offered to businesses that have employees who are current or former members of the military. These discounts can include savings on communication plans and devices.

How to Qualify for Business Discounts

To qualify for business discounts from Verizon, businesses will need to meet certain requirements. These requirements can vary depending on the specific discount being offered. Some common requirements may include:

  1. Meeting a certain minimum spending amount
  2. Signing a contract for a certain length of time
  3. Providing proof of business ownership or employment
  4. Meeting certain credit requirements
  5. Meeting certain eligibility requirements, such as being a current or former member of the military

How to Apply for Business Discounts

Businesses that are interested in applying for Verizon’s business discounts can do so by contacting Verizon directly. A representative will be able to provide more information about the specific discounts that are available, as well as the requirements for each discount. Businesses will need to provide certain information, such as their business name, the number of employees, and the services they are interested in, in order to qualify for the discounts.


In conclusion, Verizon offers a range of business discounts that are designed to help businesses save money on their communication expenses. From volume discounts to employee discounts, there are a variety of discounts available to meet the specific needs of each business. If you’re interested in learning more about Verizon’s business discounts and how they can benefit your business, contact Verizon directly to speak with a representative.

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