ENEO advocates for better pay for its subcontractors’ agents.

ENEO Cameroon

ENEO, an electric utility, has announced that it began a procedure to professionalize the commercial services provided by its subcontractors a few weeks ago.

“The new approach is geared toward satisfying our end-clients. It is now mandatory for all ENEO subcontractors to provide the following benefits to their agents: Salaries that are regulated and noticeably attractive (two to three times the previous average), affiliation with the CNPS (social security company), health insurance coverage, and the same paid leaves as those offered to ENEO agents working directly for ENEO,” ENEO writes.

The electric utility explains that the reform is one of the measures it is putting in place in response to the excruciating need expressed by clients, who revealed that the bill issuance protocol needs to be revised and agents assigned to them need to be more honest. It goes on to say that it is currently working with 14 partner companies that meet its standards and operate across all of ENEO’s nine distribution networks.

ENEO used to criticize the ethics of some of its subcontractors, who would sometimes use low pay to justify their involvement in electricity fraud. According to the electric utility, in 2020, it arrested 200 electric fraud barons and fired 80 agents who were their accomplices.

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