Grace Mugabe, the former First Lady of Zimbabwe, has been summoned for improperly burying her husband Robert Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe died on September 6, 2019, at the age of 95, in Singapore, which had been their favorite vacation destination for years. The family had also made a real estate investment in the area.

Tinos Mangovere, a resident of Kutama, Mugabe’s hometown, has written to Chief Zwimba to query the former president’s burial site.

Mugabe corps

Grace, according to Mangovere, should be punished for burying her husband in the heart of the homestead, which is against their custom.

The traditional court has been scheduled for May 20 by Zwimba. If Mugabe does not appear in front of the traditional court to appeal the action, the decision will be rendered against her. A fine of five cows and a goat is imposed on her for her alleged crime.

Mugabe told his wife before his death that he did not want to be buried at Harare’s National Heroes Acre. The Mugabe family derailed these plans and buried the longtime strongman at his Kutama home after exchanges and talks over a government-built mausoleum.
According to sources, Mugabe worried that the Emmerson Mnangagwa regime would use his liver for ceremonial purposes. It was made clear that his body should be guarded by his immediate family before he could be buried.
His grave was packed with concrete and he was buried in a steel coffin, making it difficult to enter without being discovered.

According to family sources, his widow is hesitant to return home for fear of being arrested for suspected crimes by the authorities.

The allegations against her in the 2019 land audit report by Supreme Court judge Tendai Uchena, which alleges she illegally obtained state land worth at least $10 million (R140 million) for residential purposes without paying for it because of political clout, are the most severe.

Only Bona and her husband Simba Chikore are based in Harare, according to family sources, while Chatunga and his brother Robert junior are split between South Africa and Singapore. According to a close relative, Grace has no plans to return to Zimbabwe.

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