How and when to Recover WhatsApp deleted messages, images, and Videos.

How and when to Recover WhatsApp deleted messages, images, and Videos.

Whatsapp is currently the most used instant messaging and chat app on the planet. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s app is a massive success, with billions of users around the world and hundreds of millions of them using it every hour. As beneficial as WhatsApp is to all, including companies and individuals, certain features make life a little too difficult for us. One of these features is the recently added ‘delete for all,’ which allows message senders to delete messages from both the sender and the receiver. This feature allows people to share sensitive information with others while also deleting it later.

Others take advantage of this to verbally harass people on WhatsApp. As a result, the need to have control over deleted messages and be able to restore or access them has become a widespread concern among Whatsapp users. We’ll go over how to display deleted WhatsApp messages in this post.

Making Use of Notifications to view deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android by logging in.  

You must meet the following criteria to use this form to display deleted WhatsApp messages:

  • You’re using an Android phone that’s at least version 4.40.
  • Your phone has an internet connection.
  • In the last few hours, you haven’t cleared your phone’s memory or cache with any antivirus or phone cleanup app.

Once you’re confident you’ve met these requirements, go ahead and follow the steps below to view your deleted messages:

  • For your smartphone, go to the PlayStore and download the ‘ Notification History ‘ app.
  • Enable the app to receive updates from other applications, including WhatsApp, by opening the app and allowing it to access notifications from other apps. 
  • Accept the app’s request for administrator access to your apps.

The app keeps track of your updates from the moment you launch it after the sender of a WhatsApp message has deleted it, open the app.

To see all Whatsapp Notifications, select WhatsApp from the list. You’ll see a list of all WhatsApp messages you’ve sent in the last few hours.

After that, you can either copy it to your clipboard or take a screenshot of it and save it.


Please keep in mind that the app only saves updates for four hours and any data saved after that time cannot be recovered. 

Additionally, you can only restore messages that were sent in conjunction with alerts. 

As a result, messages sent to an open chat cannot be recovered using this tool, as these messages do not provide updates.

Finally, each notification is limited to 100 characters. This is the maximum amount of texts the app will display. It also ensures that no photographs or videos can be accessed or 

displayed via this medium.

Final thoughts 

If somebody sends you a significant message or a disrespectful message, the sender deletes it before you can take a screenshot of it. It can be very painful. You would not realize how this situation can be if you have never been in it before.

Everyone who has experienced this fate, however, understands how unpleasant it can be, particularly knowing that there is nothing else you can do to get that message back.

In a nutshell, I hope this article was able to help you save the day. You may also be wondering how this works on iPhones. Unfortunately, this app does not exist in Apple App Store. So, IOS users will not be able to recover deleted Whatsapp messages using this tool. 

Please leave your thoughts, reservations, and questions in the comments section below, or contact us for more details.

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