Husband to the woman who gave birth to 10 children says he doesn’t believe they exist.

The partner of a woman who claims to have given birth to 10 children says he doesn’t believe the children exist and is unaware of the mother’s whereabouts!

Tebogo confirmed he had not seen the deculplets and relied on his girlfriend who called to inform him of their birth, Mr. Tebogo Tsotetsi’s family said in a statement released on Tuesday.
He attempted to visit his girlfriend and the babies on several occasions, but she refused to reveal her whereabouts or the condition of her children.

The family is concerned about the current uncertainties and public disclosure surrounding the decuplets, especially in the absence of any proof of the decuplets’ existence other than telephonic and WhatsApp messages from the Mother.

The statement concluded with the family apologizing and requesting assistance in locating Ms. Sithole, saying they believe there are no decuplets until they are proven otherwise.

The South African government and hospital officials are also unsure about the existence of the 10 babies, according to the Daily Mail. Even the hospital where Ms. Sithole, 37, claims to have given birth has denied ever caring for her.

37-year-old Ms Sithole and her Husband
37-year-old Ms Sithole and her Husband

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