Simon Achidi Achu’s funeral in Santa.

Funeral of Simon Achidi Achu in Santa
Funeral of Simon Achidi Achu in Santa

Prior to Simon Achidi Achu’s burial, it was an official funeral ceremony. At the event, which was also attended by personalities and dignitaries from across the country, Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute represented the president of the republic.

The official funeral of former Prime Minister Simon Achidi Achu was attended by a slew of famous people and dignitaries from across Cameroon.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, who is representing the president of the republic, as well as former Prime Minister/Grand Chancellor of National Orders Philemon Yang, members of the government, representatives from the Senate and National Assembly bureaus, North West Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique, CPDM representatives, CERAC members, and others, were among those present.

The official burial ceremony began with military honors to the departed in front of these and countless other personalities, family, and friends.
Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute performed an homage act after that.

Mourners were encouraged not to be troubled by their grief, but to trust God during a religious service that followed.

Governor Lele L’Afrique read a condolence message from the presidential couple, describing the late Simon Achidi Achu as a level-headed politician who worked hard and was intelligent.
The CPDM delegation and family members described him as humble, simple, and generous in their eulogies.

Simon Achidi Achu was buried in his village Santa amid an atmosphere of sadness laced with a sense of celebration for a life well-lived.

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