What Exactly Happened on Euphoria the Other Night? Check out our recap of Episode 5 of Season 2.

Rue Tells the Truth.

For the first time, the series (euphoria) gets serious about addiction after a series of spectacular episodes

We’ll be the first to admit that euphoria frequently verges on the hysterically irrational. During the opening montage of the previous show, both Botticelli and James Cameron (the same person?) were mentioned.

Last week’s programme alluded to both itself and the fact that the audience was tuning in to watch a television show for fun. On the other hand, in Episode 5, Rue never leaves her side and makes only the occasional meta-textual nod, in the form of Rue turning to her camera before robbing a house.

So far, the season’s overall storyline has been one of self-isolation, beginning with Rue’s relapse early on. This season (or rather, near the end of the last one). Rue’s support group has been increasingly apathetic since she relapsed. Ali’s abusive past was brought up two episodes ago when she threatened to cut ties with him as a sponsor.

She shut herself apart from Jules in the previous episode because she was worried about Rue’s drinking. Elliot then informed Jules that Rue had relapsed, feeling remorseful for his role in encouraging Rue’s drug use. As Rue smoked oxycontin and dreamed of her dead father, the episode came to an abrupt conclusion.

In this final episode, everyone in Rue’s life, including her classmates, makes a last-ditch effort to step in and help her recognise the harm she has done and convince her to go back to rehab.

That vow was never fulfilled as Rue further distances herself from her support, de-friending Elliot, betraying Fez and Lexi, and seemingly driving Jules away for forever. In addition, she was being particularly offensive to her mother.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened.

Rue Tells the Truth.


An off-screen quarrel between Rue and her mother is heard at the beginning of this season two episode. The camera focuses on Gia as she tries to get her mind off of the impending storm by listening to her favourite music. A common theme throughout the episode will be the use of sound distortion. Next, Rue charges into Gia’s room, claiming that she told their mother about Rue’s pot use and that Gia was “narcing.” To make excuses for her other drunken symptoms, Rue had previously misled Gia into believing she was simply smoking cannabis.

She then claims that her daughter is using more than cannabis, claiming that Rue is taking medications. Her bluff is called by Rue who proposes that they conduct a drug test. Rue’s mother argues by claiming that Jules told her that Rue was doing narcotics.

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At this point, Rue comes to the conclusion that her mother must have located Laurie’s bag, so she begins a frantic search of the house. Rue’s addiction was Rue’s fault, Gia is destined to devote her life trying to make up for Rue’s failure, and if their father had lived long enough, he would have seen what an awful mother Rue had become. She also begins to belittle her mother. Rue, I’m shocked.

Rejecting all other emotions, Rue reverts to rage and demands her mother reveal where the suitcase is. By selling the drugs, Rue will avoid Laurie’s threat of a sex trafficking operation.

“We flushed them,” Jules says from the kitchen after I inquire.

Jules and Elliot can be found in the kitchen, thanks to Rue. She slams Jules as a “leach” and a “vampire” and vows never to see her again. As her friends depart, she sits in the corridor and sobs uncontrollably. She’s fine with her mother taking her to the emergency room.

Rue starts explaining how close she was to committing herself in the car. The automobile trip brings back memories of Rue’s first return from recovery at the beginning of season 1. Because addiction is a cycle, Gia, her mother, and Rue are all back in the same seats.

We hear the incident from Gia’s sense experience again as Rue shouts horrible things, his voice being muffled by traffic as Gia loses focus. When the night is over, Gia will be completely unconcerned with her family’s situation, as she had intended to do from the first scene onward.

Rue leaves her car at a crosswalk and runs when she realises the “ER” simply refers to rehab.

She finds herself in a culvert/alley a few hours later and decides to visit Fez. The fez is gone. Upon her arrival, Rue is met by a group of concerned friends, including Lexi, Cassie, Maddie and Kat.

They express their concern for Rue. Lexi’s mother is among the group that confronts her about her drug use after she emerges from the restroom and takes some jewellery. When Rue is finished, she detonates a bomb.

She admits to Cassie that she’s been seeing Nate and that she’s aware of it. When Maddie starts yelling at Cassie, the room erupts. Rue escapes through the back door during the ruckus. She continues her workout.

Fez’s welcomes Rue back. Upon arriving home, Fez discovers that Rue is in the midst of withdrawals. This is Rue’s grandmother giving her medications to try and get her high. Fez then evicts Rue, who is still intoxicated.

It appears that a couple is leaving their garage and driving away for the night as Rue continues her run. Rue Indiana-Jones sneaks into the master bedroom, ducking under the closed door to collect jewellery and stray cash. The couple reappeared out of nowhere. Rue is a master at concealment. It has been found. Rue takes to the streets once more.

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Rue should really try long-distance track events if she doesn’t end up destroying herself from excessive alcohol consumption.

Running through the streets, Rue is noticed by a police vehicle. She spits up. They start chasing after her right away. In backyards, weddings, pool parties, BBQs, and more, the chase rages on. To get away, Rue hides in a garbage can.

The jewels and cash she’s been stealing all night are delivered to Laurie, who accepts them as payment. Rue’s failure hasn’t shocked Laurie, so she asks that she be paid in cash. After sharing her own oxycontin addiction tale with Rue, Laurie provides morphine to ease Rue’s suffering. Rue hasn’t been given any opiates intravenously yet. She dithers, but in the end, she gives in.

A subliminal hint is dropped when Laurie shoots Rue and declares that she knew when she first saw her that “this girl is going to be in my life for a long time.”

In the morning, Rue wakes up in Laurie’s house and finds herself locked in. Out of the window, she is freed.

As the episode comes to a close, we see Rue’s mother alone at the kitchen table, waiting for someone to enter.

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