WhatsApp has begun to roll out joinable group calls, allowing you to rejoin a missed group call.

WhatsApp has begun

WhatsApp began rolling out joinable group calls on Monday, allowing users to join a group video or voice call after it has begun and was initially missed. This enables users to participate in a group call even if they initially miss a call when their phone rings. The update also includes an easy way to leave and rejoin a group WhatsApp call — as long as the call is still active. Until now, WhatsApp users had no native way to join a group call. Participants in an active call, on the other hand, could add members during a voice or video call on the platform.

Joinable calls alleviate the burden of responding to a group call as it begins and brings the spontaneity and ease of in-person conversations to the table.

How to Join a Missed WhatsApp Group Call
You will see a Tap to join option in WhatsApp’s call log to join an ongoing group call, even if you missed it initially. To join the call, all you have to do is select that option.

WhatsApp has also created a new call info screen that will allow users to see who has been invited but has not yet joined the conversation. You can also view the active call participants from the call info screen rather than getting their information after joining the call. Furthermore, the call info screen includes an Ignore button that allows you to ignore a call and rejoin it later from the WhatsApp Calls tab.

WhatsApp has not specified when you will be able to make joinable calls on your device. However, since the update has begun to be distributed, it should soon be available on the most recent versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp introduced group calling to its platform in 2018 to allow users to communicate with multiple users at the same time. Due to social distancing guidelines, the COVID-19 pandemic increased user adoption of group calls. Because of this growth, WhatsApp increased group calling from four to up to eight members at once.

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